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Tomek Baginski is a wholly original, filmmaker, visual artist and storyteller.
His short films have been awarded with an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA win.

He was also responsible for directing the iconic cinematics for “The
Witcher” game series and “Cyberpunk 2077” all of which were released by CD Projekt RED.
Last years he directed cinematics for games produced by Microsoft, Ubisoft.

Having directed nearly 150 commercials, Tomek has worked with EA Sports, BBC, History
Channel and many others. His advertising part of portfolio includes also unusual projects –
like “Ambition” promotional film for European Space Agency, featuring Aidan Gillen. His
commercial works get as much appreciation as personal shorts. The awards include BAFTA,
LIA, and nominations to Emmy and VES awards.

Damian Nenow


Film Director, Scriptwriter, Previz Supervisor. Member of European Film Academy. Graduated from the National Film School in Lodz.
Nenow directed three animated shorts, and each one was a very important step for the artist. “The Aim” (2005), created while he was still in film school, was the first of his movies to receive an award. “The Great Escape” (2006) was screened at major international film festivals. “Paths of Hate” (2010) was short-listed for OSCARS and got selected for over 100 international festivals and received over 30 awards and distinctions.
Damian directs advertisements and is often involved in various special projects. He directed “City of Ruins”, a stereoscopic digital reconstruction of Warsaw destroyed in the course of World War II, which received the prestigious Muse Award in 2011. In 2013, he directed the Hunger Is a Tyrant commercial, commissioned for the UN Zero Hunger Challenge. Director of many game cinematics like: Skull and Bones, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon and etc.
Currently, he is promoting his first feature-length movie “Another Day of Life”, based on the eponymous book written by Ryszard Kapuściński. “Another Day of Life” was awarded by European Film Academy with the Best European Animated Film Award. The film had its premiere at Festival de Cannes 2018 (Official Selection) and received several prizes and distinctions including prestigious Perls Selection: Audience Award in San Sebastian IFF 2018. “Another Day of Life” has been released to global distribution. Coming to US theaters in 2019.

Sebastian Pańczyk


Director, illustrator and designer. A graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. He directed Kórt i Albin, an animated series developed for MTV, and the Canal+ production Niezły Kanał. This work received an award at the Animago Festival, the Gold Prize at the Promax/BDA Festival, and the Gold Award at ADC*E.

He developed a number of music videos for top Polish bands.

In recent years, Pańczyk has delivered a couple dozen commercials for domestic and international brands, including M&M’s, IKEA, TESCO, ORANGE, CANAL+, ŻUBR, TP, MILLENNIUM BANK, ING, HEYAH, NETIA, TIGER, NC+, 36,6, PLUS, Carrefour, IKEA, and McDonald’s.

His work was recognized at a number of local and international festivals. He also sits on the juries of multiple advertising competitions.

Sebastian created one of the most recognizable brand characters in Poland, he is an expert in character animation.

Co-founder and creative director of Dobro.

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